22 February 2017

About us

What we do

More and more parents are looking for flexible childcare solutions providing tailored care for their children’s needs. Rather than having fixed time slots at the daycare, a babysitter provides full flexibility and personal attention.

With our state of the art web- and app solutions we connect parents and babysitters in their own neighborhoods. Furthermore, we enable parents to connect with other parents in the area, so they can share a babysitter or look after each others kids.

Our focus

We have organised our work around 4 focus points and aim to optimise these areas every day.


By investing in growth and high user density, our clients can find a match in their own neighborhood


Our UX, development team and analytics people are focused on getting the best UX for our clients making them convert to and stay active users


We track our customer satisfaction on a daily basis and improve it based on this feedback

4. Retention

Understanding when and why clients stop using our service, allows us to avoid them from leaving as well as keeping them active


2Care4Kids started as a personal project solving an issue founder Jules was struggling with himself. Step by step the company has grown from a sole proprietorship to an international operating company. The timeline below shows the story of how it all started and where we are today.

October 10

Pilot in the Netherlands

In 2009 Oudermatch.nl was released: a very simple and basic website connecting parents with parents so they could organise childcare with each other. Later in 2010 babysitters and childminders were added. It was used by just a few thousand users but it allowed the founder Jules van Bruggen to test..Read More
October 3

Birth of 2care4kids Group

More and more people started using oudermatch, people were paying for the service and were able to arrange an alternative for the traditional childcare. This proved the service added value and the business model was working. Founder Jules van Bruggen decided to quit his job and to start the 2Care4Kids..Read More
June 2

Launch of Sitter-Italia.it

Market analysis showed that there was a high demand for both childcare services as well as for babysitter jobs in Italy but there was no good solution yet. Sitter-Italia.it was launched and has shown tremendous growth since then. Today Sitter-Italia is the market leader in Italy providing hundred of thousands..Read More
December 14

Launch of QuieroCanguro.es

After the launch of the Spanish QuieroCanguro.es we had a challenge balancing the high number of babysitters with the number of parents that subscribed in Spain. After the first year we managed to increase the number of new parents by 300% which made the matching mechanisme work. Today QuieroCanguro is..Read More
April 21

Development insourced

As a software company it is a must to have the software developed in-house. Ronald Landa and Ivo de Vries who had developed the platform decided to stop their activities for other clients and to join the 2care4kids Group as shareholders.
August 25

Launch of Barnevaktnett.no

Before our launch there was no such service existing in the Norwegian market. We therefore decided to enter the market with Barnevaktnett. The adoption of our service has been amazing.
December 7

Launch of Babysitter.fi

Finland has great potential. Even though the majority of parents are still using the traditional childcare solutions we have managed to increase the number of parent subscriptions each month since the release.
January 7

Launch of Babysittermatch.dk

After the Danish website babysittermatch.dk was launched we have covered almost entire Scandinavia. It was picked up by the Danish very quickly and has become a healthy and profitable country in just a couple of months.
February 4

Marketing expert team in Amsterdam

Marketing support was done by virtual teams and insourced consultants. We decided to insource this and create a marketing team based in Amsterdam.
March 1

Launch of tuniñera.com

Argentina is opening up and the market has a huge potential. We therefore decided to roll out to our first country in latin America. First results are looking very promising.

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