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Jules van Bruggen

2care4kids group connects parents, babysitters and childminders in their areas. It originally started as an idea I had from personal experience. When our first child was born we noticed how challenging it was to arrange good childcare. The lack of available childcare places, the lack of flexibility and the high costs seemed to be an issue many parents were facing. I thought to myself: why isn’t there a website that connects parents with babysitters in their neighborhood? A platform where also parents can connect with each other, so they could share a babysitter or even look after each other kids?

I started the Dutch website to test if people were interested in this concept. The media were starting to talk about it and with no marketing budget the website grew quickly to a couple of thousands of users. I knew I had to quit my job in order to make it really work. So I did and since 2012 we have been able to expand the concept to 8 countries with over 650.000 users.

Jules van Bruggen Founder & CEO


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When Jules became a father he and his wife struggled to arrange a daycare in Amsterdam. After the baby was born they had to wait for another year before the baby could get access to a daycare. This made him wonder why there’s no such thing as an online platform where parents could find babysitters in their neighborhood. He came up with the idea to create a website that would allow parents to easily get in touch with babysitters as well as with other parents in their neighborhood to either share a babysitter or look after each other kids.

FIRST LAUNCH was the first website that was launched in the Netherlands in 2009. The objective was to test if the concept would work. It was done in the evenings next to Jules’ full time job. It was a basic website that showed parents, babysitters and childminders on a map and that allowed them to get in contact with each other. In the media it was seen as one of the first sharing economy initiatives. Even though the platform had only a few thousand users, it proved it was solving an issue parents could thus far only find a solution for offline.


In 2012 the platform was rebuilt making it possible to roll out the service to other countries. The software and service is the same across all countries but the brand and domain names are local. In 2013 was launched, in 2014 and in 2015 and 2016, and followed. Most recent country we launched is Argentina.


In the last 3 years our user base grew with 1200%. We have improved the platform and marketing strategy to a level that today we are able to make countries we launch in cash flow positive within 6 months. This has given us the confidence to expand to more countries in,- and outside Europe. Our ambition is to become the world’s number 1 babysitter marketplace.

Results thus far

  • Average customer rating: 8.9 / 10

  • On average 30.000 new members per month.

  • 3 year growth: +572%

  • Operating in 7 countries

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"Erg handige manier om een oppas te vinden. We konden echt kiezen uit tientallen oppassers in ons eigen buurtje. "
"I found a blessed family in less than two weeks after I signed up. This is a perfect website for finding the perfect kids to babysit! "
"Mi piace questo Vs servizio. E' utile ed esercitato in modo moderno e completo.Bravi!!!!! "
"Estoy muy satisfecha con QuieroCanguro, muchas personas cerca de mi zona me han contactado en menos de un día, ha sido genial. "
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